Working With VentureLabs

At Flagship VentureLabs®, we seek to connect the people and resources that help drive entrepreneurial innovation. Too often the key ingredients for disruptive innovation and entrepreneurship remain isolated from one another, thereby slowing or precluding important interactions and the emergence of game-changing new ideas and ventures. Flagship VentureLabs is working to unite talented people across the diverse areas of science, engineering, medicine, law, and business, in the collective generation of new world-changing ventures. The goal is to optimize the frequency of breakthrough insights and the pace at which these concepts can be launched into thriving companies.

Whether you are a talented inventor, scientist, engineer, technologist, or entrepreneur, we want to work with you to invent and launch breakthrough ventures. 

Flagship VentureLabs® has founded pioneering companies that include the world’s leading academics as co-founders and scientific advisors, including:

R. Rox Anderson, Harvard Medical School (Seventh Sense Biosystems); David Baker, University of Washington (Joule Unlimited) ; Don Bryant, Penn State University (Joule Unlimited); Bruce Bistrian, Harvard Medical School (Pronutria) ; Ken Chien, Massachusetts General Hospital (moderna); George Church, Harvard Medical School (Codon Devices, Pronutria, engeneOS, Helicos, Joule Unlimited, LS9) ; Michael Cima,  MIT (T2 Biosystems); Jim Collins, Boston University (Joule Unlimited, Selventa); Charlie Cooney, MIT (Pronutria, LS9); Reza Dana, Harvard Medical School (Eleven Biotherapeutics); Samuel Danishefsky, Columbia University (Theracrine); Edward DeLong, MIT (Joule Unlimited); Alex DeWaal, Justice Africa (Pronutria); Drew Endy, Stanford University (Codon Devices); K. Christopher Garcia, Stanford University (Eleven Biotherapeutics); Doug Hanahan, University of California at San Francisco (Theracrine); Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology (Helicos); Tyler Jacks, MIT (T2 Biosystems); Joseph Jacobson, MIT (Codon Devices, engenOS); Lee Josephson, Harvard Medical School (T2 Biosystems); Jay Keasling, University of California at Berkeley (Codon, LS9); Chaitan Khosla, Stanford University (Joule Unlimited, LS9) ; Joerg Lahann, University of Michigan (Seventh Sense Biosystems); Michael Laub, MIT (Joule Unlimited); Eric Lander, Broad Institute at MIT/Harvard (engeneOS, Helicos) ; Robert Langer, MIT (moderna, Seventh Sense Biosystems,T2 Biosystems); Arnold Levine, Princeton University (Selventa); David Liu, Harvard University (Ensemble Therapeutics, Helicos, Permeon) ; Chris Logothetis, MD Anderson (Theracrine); Joan Massague, Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center (Theracrine) ; Samir Mitragotri, University of California at Santa Barbara (Seventh Sense Biosystems); Eugene Myers, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Helicos) ; Elizabeth Nabel, Brigham and Women's Hospital (moderna); Stephen Quake, Stanford University (Helicos) ; John Quackenbush, Harvard Medical School (Helicos); Rajeev Ram, MIT (Joule Unlimited); Fred Regnier, Purdue University (BG Medicine); Neal Rosen, Sloan-Kettering Institute (Theracrine); Michael Rosenblatt, Tufts University School of Medicine (Theracrine); Derrick Rossi, Harvard University (moderna); Floyd Romesberg, The Scripps Research Institute (Helicos); Uwe Sauer, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich (LS9); Anthony Sinskey, MIT (Joule Unlimited); George Sledge, Indiana University School of Medicine (Theracrine); Chris Somerville, University of California Berkeley (LS9); Timothy Springer, Harvard Medical School (moderna); Jack Szostak, Harvard Medical School (moderna); Jan van der Greef, Leiden University (BG Medicine); Victor Velculescu, Johns Hopkins University (Helicos); Greg Verdine, Harvard University (Eleven Biotherapeutics); Christopher Walsh, Harvard Medical School (LS9); David Walt, Tufts University (Seventh Sense Biosystems); Daniel Wang, MIT (Joule Unlimited); Casey Weaver, University of Alabama at Birmingham (Eleven Biotherapeutics); Robert Weinberg, MIT (Theracrine); Ralph Weissleder, Massachusetts General Hospital (T2 Biosystems); K. Dane Wittrup, MIT (Eleven Biotherapeutics); Charles Zuker, Columbia University (Pronutria).