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Pronutria Biosciences

840 Memorial Drive
3rd Floor

Cambridge, MA  02139

Tel: 617.868.0949

Robert Connelly


Pronutria Biosciences

Flagship Partners:  Noubar Afeyan, David Berry
Initial Investment: 

Amino acid biology is fundamental to life, regulating biological pathways critical to health. A variety of conditions occur when amino acid pathways become dysregulated. Pronutria Biosciences is developing first-in-class solutions to these conditions with a focus on amino acid biology. Using insights from a clinically validated body of evidence, we are pioneering new nutritional and therapeutic modalities: amino acid biologics. This novel approach allows us to precisely target biology that was previously inaccessible, providing a unique opportunity to address a variety of serious nutritional and medical conditions, such as muscle, metabolic, neurological, liver disorders and inborn errors of metabolism.

Noubar Afeyan is Chairman and David Berry is on the Board of Directors.