Avedro, Inc.

230 Third Avenue

Waltham, MA  02451

Tel: 781.768.3400

David Muller, Ph.D.
President & CEO


Avedro, Inc.

Flagship Partners:  Doug Cole, David Berry
Initial Investment: 

Avedro is a privately held medical device and pharmaceutical company advancing the science and technology of corneal crosslinking. The Company’s products include capital equipment and related pharmaceutical products. The products are currently used to treat several pathologies as well as to improve Lasik procedure outcomes in a procedure known as Lasik Xtra®. In 2012 there were almost 50,000 Lasik Xtra procedures performed outside the US with Avedro’s products. The Company is preparing to launch a new device platform which will open up significant new procedure opportunities that the Company has already demonstrated in early trials. Outside the US, Avedro has obtained CE Mark for its KXL System and its family of riboflavin products. The Company’s technology is currently being used in three Phase III clinical studies in the US involving over 100 sites. Avedro products are not for sale in the US.

David Berry is on the Board of Directors.