T2 Biosystems Announces Advances in Novel Hemostasis Direct Detection Program

T2 Biosystems Announces Advances in Novel Hemostasis Direct Detection Program

April 16, 2013

--Additional Intellectual Property Issued for T2HemoStat™ and Additional Data Presentations Planned--


T2 Biosystems, a company developing direct detection products enabling superior diagnostics, today announced advances in its hemostasis product development program for T2HemoStat™, which rapidly detects physical changes in a blood sample such as coagulation, fibrinolysis and platelet function, from small volumes of whole blood or plasma on a single, compact instrument.

“T2HemoStat represents a true innovation for in vitro hematology analytics, which may rapidly identify impaired hemostasis directly from whole blood through our highly sensitive and easy-to-operate platform,” commented John McDonough, President and CEO, T2 Biosystems. “The issuance of new intellectual property and the impending presentation and publication of T2HemoStat data demonstrate the substantial progress of our program. Taken together, these advances both provide protection for us, as well as for our current and future partners, and showcase our breakthrough, innovative approach to detection of a broad set of hemostasis factors that may provide utility for clinical and companion diagnostics.”

A recent program milestone includes the issuance by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of patent US8,421,458 (the ‘458 patent). The ‘458 patent describes a proprietary method of acquiring a magnetic resonance signal of a blood sample using T2 Bio’s proprietary nuclear magnetic resonance detection system, T2MR®. T2MR is able to detect any molecular, hemostasis or immunoassay target directly from unpurified complex clinical samples, such as whole blood, sputum or urine. In the ‘458 patent, “NMR diagnostics by means of a plastic sample container”, the described method is for obtaining a computational processed magnetic resonance signal from a blood sample in a polymeric container. The claims broadly describe processing T2MR signals to obtain data from a blood sample free of any signal stemming from the polymeric sample container.

In addition, the Company plans to disclose new data at multiple upcoming venues, including presentations of data at key conferences and in journal publications. These presentations highlight the results demonstrating the advantages of T2HemoStat in the detection of clotting time and platelet function as well as identification of specific physiologic process signatures uniquely detected by T2MR. T2HemoStat is currently in use at multiple research sites.

About T2 Biosystems

T2 Biosystems is disrupting the landscape of clinical diagnostics with T2MR, the Company’s proprietary magnetic biosensor detector. The T2MR technology enables healthcare professionals to save lives and reduce costs by providing sensitive, accurate and rapid assay results. The Company’s products detect molecular, hemostasis or immunoassay targets directly from unpurified clinical samples in hospitals, labs and physicians’ offices. For more information, please visit www.t2biosystems.com.


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