Joule to Present Transformative Climate Change Solution at Arendal Week

Joule to Present Transformative Climate Change Solution at Arendal Week

August 12, 2014

Solar conversion of waste CO2 to fuels can simultaneously cut emissions and enable sustainable transportation

Arendal, Norway – Joule, the US-based innovator of CO2 -to-fuels production, today announced its upcoming participation in Arendal Week – the annual gathering of Norway’s political, business and community leaders for debate on current and future policy. Joule will host a seminar, “From Trash to Treasure: Converting Carbon Pollution into An Energy Solution,” to discuss the progress and near-term impact of a transformative technology that can help Norway achieve its ambitious carbon mitigation goals.

“Norway has made a commitment to help tackle climate change, both domestically and abroad,” said Paul Snaith, President and CEO of Joule. “Given this commitment we believe that Norway is in an ideal position to support a process that simultaneously cuts carbon emissions while yielding renewable fuels at meaningful scale and competitive costs. We welcome the opportunity to share this vision during Arendal Week.”

There is little dispute that human-attributed CO2 emissions are linked to global climate change, and multiple solutions to reduce such emissions are being explored with increasing urgency. Apart from carbon capture and sequestration, a costly and complex approach, there are newer technologies that enable the utilization and monetization of carbon – converting waste emissions directly into valuable products.

Chief among these new technologies is Joule’s CO2-to-fuel process. This process applies engineered catalysts to convert waste CO2 directly and continuously into renewable transportation fuels. Requiring no biomass feedstocks or complex processing, Joule’s process can eclipse the scalability, productivity and cost efficiency of any known alternative to fossil fuel today. Now operating at demonstration scale, this technology is rapidly heading for industrialization, offering a pathway to carbon utilization for sustainable transportation.

“I have never seen a technology as mature and as scalable as that of Joule to profitably impact a key challenge facing humanity, and I am looking forward to engaging with Norwegian interests to find areas of collaboration with Joule,” said Tom Einar Jensen, Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Development, who will present the company at the seminar.

In addition to Joule, the seminar will include presentations from Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Statoil. Event details are as follows:

Date: Thursday, August 14

Time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Location: Arendal Maritime Hotel, Vestre Gate 11, Arendal

The seminar is open to all, but registration beforehand is necessary. To register, please contact Siri Bjerkreim Hellevik of Sund Energy at

Additional information about Arendal Week is available here.

About Joule

Joule has pioneered a CO2-to-fuel production platform, effectively reversing combustion through the use of solar energy. The company’s platform applies engineered catalysts to continuously convert waste CO2 directly into renewable fuels such as ethanol or hydrocarbons for diesel, jet fuel and gasoline. Free of feedstock constraints and complex processing, Joule’s process can achieve unrivaled scalability, volumes and costs without the use of any agricultural land, fresh water or crops. Joule is privately held and has raised over $160 million in funding to date, led by Flagship Ventures. The company operates from Bedford, Massachusetts and The Hague, The Netherlands, with production operations in Hobbs, New Mexico. Additional information is available at